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Justin Bieber was just arraigned for professedly requesting a beatdown on a photog in Argentina and after that taking his cash and apparatus.

A judge in Buenos Aires just dropped the mallet against the pop star for the 2013 occurrence.

Bieber has kept up and down this case is a group of nothing and the judge is a solitary wolf who has been out to get him. Until the case is settled, Bieber can’t come back to Argentina, since he’ll be captured.

Our sources say Bieber has an arrangement. His legal counselors will bid the prosecution, trusting that the interests court judges will see the arraignment for what it is – an exposure snatch by the judge – and toss the case out.

The issue for Bieber … he’s going to begin his South American visit and Argentina is by a long shot the greatest market and his greatest fan base on the mainland.

As one Bieber source put it, “The judge is screwing his own nation in light of the fact that Justin could mix an enormous measure of cash into the economy.”

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